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About Us


Maria Sanchez



Maria Torres

Co Founder

Our History
D&J was established in 2015 by Maria Sanchez and Maria Torres both originally from Mexico City and Tlaxcala Mexico. We both have knowledge and experience in home cleaning services through our previous employers. We decided to start our business by taking advantage of Maria Torres experience in cleaning houses and contacts as well Maria Sanchez knowledge as an owner of a restaurant. With great success in the first years, we managed to serves families and businesses with cleaning services having 35 houses, 2 commercial businesses at the moment. Having the advantage of knowing many fighting mothers in this country, we give these women the opportunity to concentrate on important matter so they have a better paid job with the value that this implies and thus give them a new meaning to their lives.

Our Mission

There are plenty of reasons to choose, and love, D&J. Maybe it’s because we work with you to build a cleaning plan, tailored to your needs and budget. Or because our cleaners the "Help Me" are not only expertly trained to provide the highest quality clean, but they're great people too. It could be because we allow to choose when and how often we clean so that we fit perfectly into your life and schedule. No matter the reason, at the end of the day cleaning is our passion and it's what we bring to each home we touch.


Cleaning is a very personal service and that’s why we make every effort possible to send the same "Help Me" to your home each time. Your "Help Me" will get to know your home and your preferences so that we can continually improve and provide you with a clean you’ll love.

3 Reasons to Choose D&J Cleaning Services

Tell us how often do you need your home cleaned?

Quality Service

Our skilled professionals go above and beyond on every house cleaning. We offer only the best cleaner services!

Saves You Time

D&J Cleaning helps brings you convenient cleaning services and saves you from having to do the dirty stuff!

Online Booking

Just select the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your home, the date and time you prefer and we'll take care of the rest!

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